All About History

Special Edition: Civil Right Movement (2019)

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Bringing History to life for readers of all ages

With world-leading features covering the most amazing real-life events, All About History is the only history magazine that is accessible and entertaining to all, making history fun for the whole family.

Every issue of this popular magazine covers a huge range of topics, from Ancient Civilization to the Cold War and beyond, with stunning photos and illustrations that really bring history to life.

Regular Features:

Ancient Empires: uncover the incredible truth behind the monuments and myths that have shaped our world, from Rome and Sparta to Persia and Babylon.

World Wars: breathtaking tales of heroism and incredible inventions from the trenches of World War I to the beaches of World War II.

Heroes and Villains: get to grips with the life and legacy of the world’s most influential individuals, from explorers and inventors to kings and queens.

Inside History: incredible cutaways and cross sections of historic buildings and machinery.

Timeline: follow the rise and fall of empires and individuals through the key dates in their chronology.

What if: discover from top historians how events might have unfolded if history’s greatest turning points were turned on their head.