Closer UK

22nd June 2019


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Closer is a British tabloid magazine founded in 2005 and published by American Media, Inc.. A French language edition was added later, and starting 2013, an American edition. 

Closer mainly specializes in celebrity news and gossip, real-life stories, fashion and television/entertainment. There is also a French-language version of the magazine published by Mondadori, an Italian media company. The French edition had a circulation of 399,589 copies in 2005. In the spring of 2006, the British parent company East Midlands Allied Press announced that it would separate its French subsidiary, which was eventually acquired in August 2006 by Mondadori for 545 million euros when taking over Emap France.  The 2010 circulation of the French version of the magazine was 466,000 copies. 

In January 2013, an American edition was launched in New York published by AMI Celebrity Publications, targeting both USA and Canadian markets. The new edition is stylized as closer with a small "c" whereas the UK edition consistently uses a capital "C".