Woman’s Day NZ

22nd July 2019


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Woman's Day is an Australian women's magazine owned by Bauer Media Group. It is Australia's highest selling weekly magazine. 

The magazine was previously part of ACP Magazines, which in turn was owned by Nine Entertainment Co which owns Australian television network Nine Network. Because of this, Woman's Day often featured many stories either based on or in partnership with a Nine Network program, such as A Current Affair. The magazine became part of Bauer Media Group in 2012,  after Nine Entertainment Co got into financial difficulties. It is published weekly by Bauer Media Pty Ltd and is headquartered in Sydney. 

Aimed at women aged 25 to 54, it primarily features news, gossip and interviews about Australian and international celebrities, as well as some lifestyle and recipes.

Sales figures, readership and advertising revenue have fallen significantly in recent years, down from 405,000 weekly sales in 2010 to 330,000 in March 2014. Readership fell another 14.6% in the year ended 2014.