World War II

June 2019


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Lasting years and spanning continents and oceans, World War II is an event that will not soon be forgotten, and will continue to be studied, thanks, in part to this quality, in-depth publication and its contributors and readers. Featuring articles and contributions from the world's top historians, World War II magazine analyzes and recounts what the world knows about World War II while also searching for new information and insights into this infamous time in modern history. 

The magazine covers all aspects of World War II, from soldiers and leaders to tactics and weapons. Readers will also captivating firsthand accounts as well as detailed battle maps and telling photos that bring the era to life. They'll also find book and movie reviews for the best and latest works covering World War II. Among its regular sections are: "World War II Today," "Pinup," "Conversation," "From the Footlocker," "Time Travel," "What If…," "Fire for Effect," "Challenge," and "Book, DVD and Game Reviews." World War II may publish special issues or sections devoted to major milestones in the war's history, such as the anniversary of the D-Day invasion.